Discover the Marine Museum in the citadel of Port-Louis with a spectacular view

Discover the Marine Museum in the citadel of Port-Louis with a spectacular view

Located in one of the most beautiful French citadels, this museum in Port-Louis tells tales of sea rescues and archaeological treasures.

The Musée de la Marine (Marine Museum) in Port-Louis is located on an exceptional and incredibly well-preserved site, one of the most beautiful citadels in France. From the top of the ramparts of this jewel of military architecture, there's a spectacular view of Lorient Harbour and the isle of Groix. The museum offers a wonderful collection of ships, armaments and historical models. The Arsenal Room has beautiful model ships of the period, paintings and sculptures showing French marine history from the 17th to 20th centuries. The Poudriere Room boasts a large collection of armaments. You'll learn about extraordinary sea rescues, past and present. The themed area “Trésors d’Océan” will plunge you in the heart of underwater archaeology with the magnificent “Goddio” donation and the Mauritius collection: the story of sunken cargos along the Clipper Route to the Far East.

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