Michelin-starred restaurants, gourmet restaurants, brasseries and creperies, the Lodge Kerisper team will show you its gourmet addresses in La Trinité-sur-mer and the surrounding area. Follow the guide !


Gourmet restaurants

L’Azimut, at the end of the port

  • Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Phone. : 02 97 55 71 88


Le Chantier, Terrace by the water, La Trinité sur Mer.

  • Seafood and Harbor View
  • Phone: 02 97 55 17 42


La Brigantine, at Carnac Bourg

  • Closed on Sunday and Monday
  • Phone : 02 97 52 17 72

Le Petit Chantier, (la Plancha) meat and fish

  • Closed on Monday, Tuesday lunchtime and Saturday lunch
  • Phone : 02 97 55 71 63.


Le Quai, On the port-facing the docks - Without reservation

  • Phone. : 02 97 55 80 26


Le Surcouf, fresh local products

  • Closed on Sunday evening and Monday (open every day from March to September)
  • Phone.: 02 90 61 39 03


La Potinière, brasserie with cozy decoration, Carnac- plage

  • Phone: 02 97 52 91 45


Le Petit bedon, classic and exotic cuisine

  • Open only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Phone: 02 97 52 11 62



Ty Malou, on the port

  • Closed on Thursdays.
  • Phone : 02 97 30 17 30


Saint-François, near the Lodge.

Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Phone;: 02 97 55 75 80


Terre-Mer, 1 Michelin star, Auray

  • Closed on Saturday lunchtime, Sunday evening and Monday
  • Phone: 02 97 56 63 60


Le Petit hôtel du grand large, 1 Michelin star, Portivy - Quiberon

  • Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday evening
  • Phone: 02 97 30 91 61


La Calypso, the fish are grilled in the fireplace, Carnac

  • Closed Sunday evening and Monday
  • Phone: 02 97 52 06 14





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